Eulogium Historiarum etc.


  • Willelmus Malmesburiensis de Gestis Pontificum
  • Trinity College Cambridge
  • The Eulogium Historiarum is a universal chronicle from the Creation to 1366 in Latin prose, drawn from various sources, some listed in a poem; probably written by a monk (to whom different names have been attached, although internal evidence suggests Thomas) at Malmesbury Abbey in Wiltshire. Five books cover biblical and secular history, with some geography and a monastic chronology.

  • Probably from Malmesbury: events connected with that house receive special prominence throughout. Mr F. S. Haydon in his edition of the text in the Rolls Series advocates the view that this is the author's autograph, on what seem to be good grounds. 
  • 30 lines to a page. In a curious, ugly, but plain hand. 
  • 24cm  x 16.5 cm
  • Vellum
  • Written in Latin
  • 14th Century
  • Events connected with Malmesbury receive special prominence throughout', and this is thought to be the author's autograph.

    Given to Trinity by George Willmer (d. 1626).
  • Copyright Trinity College Cambridge. Images reproduced with their permission.

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