Gregory the Great


  • MS 361: Gregory the Great, De cura pastorali.
  • Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker Library 
  • MS 361 is a manuscript of Gregory the Great's Pastoral Care from the branch of the textual tradition which is closest to that used in King Alfred the Great's translation.  

  • It was written in the eleventh century, probably not in England, but has later provenance at Malmesbury Abbey in Wiltshire. It contains corrections in the hand of William of Malmesbury (d. c. 1142).

  • Ownership inscription on fol. i recto, in faint ink: "Iste liber est de monasterio Malmesburye et in custodia ffratris Thome...".

  • Material: Vellum

  • Layout: 28 lines to a full page

  • Height (mm):265

  • Width (mm): 170

  • Writing: Mostly in one large clear hand, rather sloping

  • Latin

  • c 1000-1099

  • This work is copyright of the Master and Fellows of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge and is licensed under a Creative Common Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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