William of Malmesbury Day Conference

Saturday 15 July 2017 - 10.30am to 4pm

Join us for a very special day at Malmesbury Abbey.

Tickets available at Malmesbury Abbey - priced at £14 all day, £10 student or online at william.eventbrite.com

William of Malmesbury has been described as the most learned man of his time in the whole of Europe. Who was this extraordinary individual? What was Malmesbury Abbey like while he was a monk there? What did he believe and why is he still important today? We are delighted to be hosting a one day conference at the Abbey that explores these questions. For this special event, some of the world’s leading experts on William’s life and work have agreed to come to Malmesbury and share their research findings.

Professor Rodney Thomson University of Tasmania: ‘William of Malmesbury and the medieval churches of Malmesbury Abbey’ 

Professor John Gillingham Fellow of the British Academy: 'William of Malmesbury and the history of civilisation in England'

Lunch break - no lunch provided, but there are many cafes nearby

Dr Emily Winkler
University of Oxford: ‘William of Malmesbury, the Britons and the remote past’

Panel discussion: ‘Why is William of Malmesbury important?’
The speakers will be joined by Professor Michael Winterbottom, Emeritus Fellow, Worcester College, Oxford University, who with Rod Thomson has translated many of William’s books from Latin to English.


Where can I park?

  • You can use the Long Stay car park - the postcode is SN16 9JT. There is a flight of steps up to the abbey from the car park.

Is there food available?

  • The abbey is in the centre of Malmesbury and there are several cafes, restaurants, and food stores nearby.